Not so organised!

We got a new toy in the house this week, a new games console. This was a family treat, something that we could all enjoy and I’ve got to say it really is taking my mind off of my constant mind battle between me and my inner skinny me.
Although it may have been too distracting as I turned up at the doctor’s surgery for my 6 week check a whole 24 hours early. Whilst I stood there tapping my details onto the screen it never occurred to me that I had the wrong day. I was simply proud that I had managed to feed the child, nurse the baby and get to the surgery with time to spare. This may seem like a small victory but I had to walk pass the duck pond and deflect numerous request to feed the ducks. For some reason my responses were not justifiable to a three-year old and we found ourselves still having the duck pond discussion as it disappeared round the corner. Apparently ducks don’t eat receipts isn’t a good enough reason to not feed the ducks!
The receptionist seemed quite amused at my blunder and even more so at the struggle I was having trying to keep my child under control as I deflected further questions about buying lip balm at the pharmacy. Then the whole scenario seemed to get worse as she began to question me about my baby and when I had registered her, it was only then I remembered that I had forgotten to pick up the forms that I had filled out two weeks ago, which were laying safe on my desk! I was then reminded that my baby couldn’t be seen until this had been done and was shoved more forms to save me the walk home. So even though the whole trip out of the house had initially seemed like a waste of time at least I had completed a job I should have done two weeks ago, silver lining I suppose!
But then my heart sunk when I enquired when my appointment was, because the following day I had my first baby group. I had never experienced groups with my first child and as I’m fairly new to the area I’ve been invited to the first time mum’s group and I was really looking forward to it. So despite our 6 week check being rather important I rescheduled until next week, and hopefully I’ll be a little more organised and actually get the right day!
I’m now thinking that the games console was a little too distracting! Oh and no Tyra didn’t get her lip balm and ducks still don’t eat receipts!


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