104 Miles and counting


I’m still buzzing from last week’s 3lbs weight-loss, and have found it extremely easy going into this week on a health food mission.
I can not believe that it will be 4 weeks since I sold the car and started my new walking regime. By the end of this week I would have walked 104 miles and possibly more as that’s not including my short journey’s to the shops or the doctor’s and there have been a few!
I’m feeling great and really embracing my new routine. Initially I thought it would be really difficult to give up the car, but it really has been an easy transition. This week has been all about healthy eating and breaking bad food habits so my dinners have mainly consisted of salads. But what I have realised is I have to be weary of my portion size and those hidden calories.
What I mean by hidden calories is the calories that are sitting in plain site on my daughter’s plate, I just can’t help myself.
My husband works late most nights and I wait to have dinner with him, so this is a huge time gap inbetween my lunch and dinner for me to snack. So I have tried to buy dinners this week that I can cook separately, hence the salads. But I’m still snacking, so I’ve bought lots of fruit and 0% fat yoghurt. But I think I’ve finally found that balance, between a healthy diet and easy exercise routines, it’s got to the point where I don’t even have to think about food or exercise. And any exercise I do is because I want to do it, not because I feel guilty and have to. Now I just have to maintain this lifestyle and not drop into bad habits again!


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