Food Fail


So it’s been 5 weeks now since I started walking and 2 weeks since I decided to step it up a gear and eat healthier. I think I’m being quite pro-active about reaching my goals and there’s not many people that know me that don’t know what I’m working towards at the moment.
So I’m asking myself this week why does my husband keep coming home with sweet treats and I’m not talking about a small bar of chocolate. He must have gone to the shop and said  “show me your biggest bar of chocolate” and than bought 2, melted them down and made his own custom monster chocolate bar.It really was that big!
He then brought home a box of 12 Krispy creme doughnuts and a tub of hagan dàz icecream. The big question is did I eat it all? Well before I answer that I have to tell you  about my response to my husband. Of course I did let him know how dissapointed I was but he knows I’m more dissapointed with my own willpower. As he puts it “just because it’s there it doesn’t mean you have to eat it”
But we all know it doesn’t work like that, does it?
So after I chowed down on some naughty snacks this week we had to have a talk.
Inbetween the chocolate and the doughnuts the guilt crept in but that didn’t stop me going in for the icecream and I could tell my husband was amused by my mental anguish. So we finaly talked and he now understands just how much he needs to support me and how he can support me. You would think with all the effort I’m putting in that he would have understood but what I learned here is communication is absolutely key.
It also doesn’t help that all I can think about is the looming half term and what I’m going to do without my routine. I’m so used to walking, I mean I’ve walked 144miles so far, so I don’t want to take a break and get lazy. I’m learning a lot about myself and the main thing is I like routines and so does my body. Being consistant is the key so my darling husband bring me fruit and flowers if you want to treat me and leave the giant size chocolate bars at the shops!


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