Battling the Big Box

And the award for lazy parenting goes to, Mad Mummy Marshall. That’s how I’ve felt over the past few months. I’ve seriously dropped the ball when it comes to mainly everything, but it’s easy done when your waddling like a penguin and struggling to move due to SPD. And having to charge round after a 3 year old is tough, I really commend those parents that have three or more children, I really don’t know how you do it!
I spent most of my third trimester when I wasn’t working sitting on my bum recovering from working and plopping my daughter in front of the TV.


I would suggest putting on a film and snuggling on the sofa and within minutes we would both be asleep in the early afternoon. But she soon got wise to it and would demand to go to soft play and the day I relented I was seriously punished. It wasn’t just the moving around that was difficult but the fact that I physically couldn’t fit or manoeuvre around the complex was a big factor. At one point I had to rely on a stranger to get my daughter when she had bumped her head and was crying for me, that was tough!
So after that day I decided swimming, or should I say bopping around the pool was a better choice of past time.
But at home it was just easy to put the tv on so I could shut my eyes for half an hour.
Than baby came and not much changed, I was still tired and tv was still an easy option. Deep down I knew it was becoming a problem, so the day I decided to make a change I wasn’t suprised when my daughter looked at me with shock and demanded to know why she couldn’t watch TV.
It had become normal, which had always been a worry for me. I’m the mother that used to restrict tv to an hour a day and now the tv had become a constant norm. Now a month later we have cracked it, she rarely asked to watch it and her toys are getting the use they deserve as toys.
It wasn’t even that difficult to be honest it was just the case of breaking habit and distracting.
The first thing I did was join her to the library and made a point of going every week. I also arranged play dates with her friends and lunch dates with mine. We’ve been so busy she doesn’t get much of a chance to watch TV and when we are home we either do crafts or she asks me to read her books. When the TV has been on she’s even asked to turn it off, I’m one very proud mad mummy and I finally feel in control.

But at times I still feel slightly guilty when she wants me to play and I’m saying in a minute cause I’m feeding the baby or changing nappies, it seems to be my catch phrase at the moment.
I know we all have those moments where we think we could do better as parents, but the important thing is that we know when we have to do better and try and do what we can.


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