Happy Mothers day


Happy Mothers day, it’s the best and most rewarding job you will ever have!
Every year I celebrate the day with a photo with my daughter, and this year we get to add my newborn to the tradition.

I know I should probably use this opportunity to celebrate my own mother, but we’ve had a very strained relationship over the years which has recently come to a head.
So I wish I could gloat about what a wonderful mother I have, but sadly that is not the case. Instead I will use this time to celebrate all of the wonderful mothers that I have had the pleasure of knowing and the mothers that are reading this post. Slightly tired and mostly under appreciated throughout the year, but proud none the less.
You do what you can because you can and because you are mum, you don’t need a day to make you special because your children make you special.
Wether their babies, children or grown ups they will always need you and there love will shine through even in the darkest times. Because now you will never be alone, you will always be loved and cherished. Have a wonderful Mothers Day you deserve it. xxxx


2 thoughts on “Happy Mothers day

  1. today of all days is the hardest for many. Hard for those who have lost mothers, hard for those who have a mother who is not ‘involved’ and very hard for those who have only ever dreamed of becoming a mum.! I sit here and reminisce. I was one of those, I was the one just dreaming of the day I could call myself a mum. I longed for so long to hear the words ‘I love you mumma’

    Today was the day I heard these words. Jacob walks up to me puts his arms around me and says the long awaited words ‘marrrrm uff ooo’ ( mum love you) tears spring to my eyes and I hold him tighter than I did before. But as the tears roll down my face, my mind races back to the 16 ladies who have just cycled with me (ivf cycles) and think of the 11 of them experiencing the awful pain of ‘mothers day’ they long for a baby, they long for that baby smell. They wouldn’t even be bothered about not having time to themselves, or even going out with baby sick down thier clothes, they wouldn’t even mind not sleeping because it would mean the tortuous pain of infertility will have been fizzled out.

    So today I spare a thought for all the ladies who didn’t get thier dream, the ones breaking thier hearts over something out of thier control. My wish is to help in any way I can. So today they are all in my thoughts. And I give Jacob all the cuddles and kisses I can muster, because one day not long ago I couldn’t even imagine my life being the way it is today!

    I’m the lucky one! But today that hurts more than ever!


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