The 12 month plan

start of the year and it’s the same as every year, your feeling the guilt of an over indulging Christmas and New year. Everywhere you look there’s a celebrity trying to flog their fitness DVD, scrabbling to every media outlet to share their fat to fit story, whilst sharing countless selfies to show off their new-found confidence, and what I mean by confidence is tits.

You then go to The supermarket where there promoting low-fat healthy eating next to the half price chocolates, it’s no wonder by the middle of January most people are loosing sight of their resolutions and by end of January they can barely remember what they set out to do.
I like many others this year found myself unhappy with my appearance and slightly overweight. OK quite a bit overweight!!
However my weight gain seems much more justifiable to me as I have just had my second child.

But despite the overwhelming happiness when holding my bundle of joy, I’m still niggled with disappointment of the size of my thighs, and I’m seriously sick of people saying “oh, but you’ve just had a baby”, No shit!!

Despite the pain, discomfort and the distinct smell of off milk, I am highly motivated to lose these pounds and get SEXY!!!! So I’ve made a few decisions that I hope will help me to succeed and achieve that SEXY body, that’s buried underneath thick thighs a chubby waist and all that boobage!

My first decision was to start a video diary to share, I feel I have a better chance of succeeding if I have an audience. I want to document the successes, the failures and my overall general feelings. This is not a quick fix, I’m not trying to get fit and sexy for summer, I’m trying to get fit and sexy for life. So I’ll be blogging for 12 months, and if you choose to follow me I’ll be doing weekly updates to show my progress and sharing what I’ve done to achieve my results. I have to add though this is not a fitness or healthy recipes blog, I don’t have the money or resources to go to the gym and cooking overly healthy recipes isn’t realistic for me at the moment.

I will be blogging about how I incorporate my exercise into my daily routines whilst looking after a newborn and a three-year old. But mainly how I’m battling with those annoying every day choices, like low-fat or full fat, take away or homemade meal, spin class or catch up tv and basically how I’m staying sane and motivated to meet my goals.

DSC00150 _JT16126a_IGP3046
I had my first daughter back in 2011 and before then I looked a few pounds lighter, 9 stone 2 lbs to be precise and despite trying to keep my weight down through my pregnancies, I was fighting a losing battle and soon realised I was destined to be a heavy-set penguin waddling child bearer and by my 7 month pregnant I had embraced this with cake!

My second daughter was born in November 2014 and I am at my heaviest at 14 stone 2 lbs, but despite the body not being willing the eyes and mind are impatient and ready to crack on. Join the madness and watch me either fail or succeed, either way it will be a mad and crazy journey!


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