Car’s Gone Baby Gone!

Well it’s the first week of my get fit for life and lose weight in 12 months challenge. I’ll be honest I’m not putting any numbers on my goal weight, as realistically I’d just like to be happy and comfortable in my clothes. But the truth be told 58lbs would be awesome and also far too hard!

My baby is 5 weeks old now and I’m still a little tender but I’ve made a decision and it’s the biggest decision I’ve made in a long time………to sell my car. I thought about it and There are many benefits to this and at the moment I can not think of any disadvantages, the biggest benefit will be the exercise as I’ll have to walk my daughter to school and pick her up every day, this is an hour round trip and in total for the day is about 6 miles.

Luckily we live 10 minutes away from our local high street and have a major Supermarket up the road so I’m not going to struggle, I don’t think!
But if I am honest, my husband called my bluff, I mentioned to him that it would be an idea to sell the car and then two days later he had a buyer, it was so quick I didn’t have much time to react.
The first day of the school run was strange and a bit daunting, I was still very tender and had underestimated how far I really had to walk. But I was up early filled with caffeine and my only struggle seemed to be one French braid or two, or Elsa or Anna as my three year old says. As we walked up the drive, I mean as I walked up the drive pushing the pushchair with my daughter perched on her ride on board I realised that I hadn’t walked this far for around 8 years and that was a scary thought!

It was than I started to question myself, had I made the right decision? Could I actually do this? and than I heard myself, I was so conditioned to drive I’d turned into an idiot!! So I walked and I walked and found myself at the pre-school gates nearly 10 minutes early, which for me is an accomplishment as I am always late.

By the end of my first day I was feeling smug and a bit more tender but any doubts I had were soon diminished when I was greeted by my daughter with her daily art work and as she put it,

Mummy, this is Daddy and you, when Ava was in your belly and you were fat!


That made me laugh hard!!

I do think I have made the right decision though as now I have no choice but to walk, I haven’t noticed a huge physical difference so far but since I had my daughter I have lost 9lbs, so this can only help, right? Have you made any changes to your 2015? Feel free to share, maybe we can give each other some moral support.