Mad Mummies

It’s been about 7 months since I decided to take the plunge and go self-employed and not go back to work following my maternity leave ending. I experienced a flurry of emotions, the biggest being fear, fear of being financially vulnerable. But I never feared failing, I just knew it was what I had to do and that’s what made it exciting. I finally had freedom that I hadn’t really experienced in my professional life. I’d always been governed by protocol and company procedures and as a part-time business owner I was lazy and complacent as I didn’t have to rely on my business as I had that steady wage coming in from my day job.
I’m now putting all that energy and passion into my business and learning to take risks that so far seem to be paying off!
But for 15 years I’ve mentored or managed people and over the past 9 years As an assessor I’ve been mentoring in a learning environment. So although I love being a photographer and using my creative side, I am missing teaching. It’s so rewarding watching people have that light bulb moment and working with adults that want to learn and grow.
Recently I’ve noticed that I’m never gonna get away from it either, it’s a natural part of who I am, wanting to help and support like-minded people and I’ve found myself using my knowledge to help friends and family to build and start their businesses.
I’m sure it hasn’t gone unnoticed amongst friends either, wether it be on the school run or at the park I’m keen to engage other mummies about their business ventures and give them ideas and strategies they could follow. In one week I was working with 5 mummies, helping with business plans and throwing ideas at them. And I soon realised how much help I could be and not just me, there was so much we could do for each other! All these women have great talents and ideas but maybe lack the confidence and resources to get started and I wanted to be their muse, their cheerleader. But I wouldn’t be their confidant, I couldn’t, I want to shout and tell everyone how fantastic they are and let everyone know what they do or even could do!
I have to add though for me there is no financial gain in this, I am giving free support and advice  and have put together the Mad Mummies network to promote and support all of our local mumtrepreneus. But I use local very loosely, there are women all over the world trying to balance motherhood with their business and I know there are other networks which have been set up in a similar vein to help support but I invite anyone who wants to be a Mad Mummy to join our network. It’s all about learning from each other and giving each other confidence to do what we love!
Over the next few months I will be writing a series of posts on different business topics, ranging from work life balance, marketing and branding and customer service. I’ve invited ladies from the Mad Mummy network to guest blog and share their insights from their own experiences.
I’m really looking forward to growing this network and hope to meet many more like-minded mummies that want to share, support and hopefully become a Mad Mummy!