Our Craft Box

The one thing I say to any one with children is it’s never too early to put together a craft box.
Our craft box naturally formed over time, but there were times I had to make special trips to the shop for specific items. You can buy craft sets and boxes and they are great to get you started. But here I’ll show you what you may need to add to your own craft box, a few must have items that you won’t buy at the shops and I guarantee will be required at some point in your toddler/child creative play times.

Here is a list of items pictured above
● Any non toxic glue ie. PVA and glue stick
● Paint, obvious must have, but don’t get sucked in by all the fancy colours you can buy. Start with prime colours as you can have fun teaching them how to make their own colours. Although silver is a good colour to have just in case you want to make a robot and I’m sure you will.
● Various coloured paper, card, foam and Crete paper. You can never really have enough. I’ve run out on several occasions, I have a child that puts one line on a piece of paper and wants a new bit.
● You’ll get into a habit of recycling bottles and pots, you’ll never look at a yoghurt tub without thinking about how you can craft it up. Just make sure to give them a good clean.
● Play doh, I can’t quite remember when my daughter was able to play with Play doh without the fear of her ingesting it. But I do remember being surprised when her nursery worker told me she had been playing with it without incident. After that we always had Play doh despite the mess it leaves as I don’t think any child can manage not to get it all over the floor.
● Ink, I have used this many times and find it useful to have not sure if it’s a must have.
● Pipe cleaner and pom-pom balls of various sizes
● Sticky googly eyes, craft box essential.

● String, this is just a handy house hold item. I have needed it for all sorts.
● And the old favourite toilet roll tube or any tube is handy.

There are some other must have craft items that are not pictured because we simply ran out, just goes to show how often we use them. Here is a list of our most used.
● Paper plates, inexpensive and you can pick up 50 for a £1 at your local £1 shop.
● lollypop wooden sticks and skewer sticks.
● Plastic cups, pick them up with your paper plates.
● Various pasta shapes.

Our craft box ended up turning into a craft cupboard and as we’ve recently moved a dumping ground for all creative tools. I really need to give it a good sorting out.

You can see how our craft box turned into a cupboard. So what’s in your craft box? Do you think I’ve missed anything?