Life is no life without cheesecake


Life without cheesecake….Nah
The last few weeks has been a struggle and I have battled with my love for greasy, fatty and sugary foods. But I have come to realise that I can’t and I won’t live without cheesecake, it’s not realistic to me and it is definitely a staple part of my diet.
There are hundreds of different cheesecakes, you name one and I may not have had it but I sure as hell want it! I have always loved cheesecake and always will and I won’t give it up! So there!
So what am I going to do to counteract my childish and self-destructive behaviour?  Well that is the question isn’t it? I’ve got to do something and I mean literally, so this is what I’m going to do and I will call it the cheesecake rule!
For every serving of cheesecake I have I will complete one 30 minute spin class session on top of what I usually do. Now this does seem a little  implausible due to the time factor, so I will either have to get up earlier or neglect the cleaning one afternoon. What a shame!! I think I know which one I’ll be doing and it gives me more of a reason to eat cheesecake!
But if this doesn’t work than I may have to look into low-fat alternatives, because as serious as I am about shifting these pounds, my life can not live without the creamy sweet dessert, cheesecake!  
So if you can help by recommending any recipes that have been tried and tested and are as yummy as their full fat sugary counterpart than I will be eternally grateful!