Who Are Bronies??


This week has been all about dry nights and my little ponies or MLP as I have learned this week. To say I have been distracted over the past few months would be an understatement, however I have taken my eye off the ball when it comes to getting my crazy threenager dry at nights. But all it took was a sympathetic friend and some wise words of wisdom to give me the kick-start I needed.
So as MLP is the toy of the moment for her we thought we would reward her with an MLP blind bag for a dry night.
(A blind bag is a foil bag with a small random toy) I’m not going to bore you with the success and the failures as there has been an equal amount of both, just know that overall all is going well!(I will do another post all about tackling that one).
But I have learnt something new through out this whole process, and that is I’ve discovered Bronies! Yep that’s what I said, Bronies, for those who don’t know like my husband and I, let me explain.
Bronies are teen and adult men that make up around 70% of the fan kingdom of MLP but what I’ve recently found out is you don’t need to be male to be a Brony, I think the title is just reserved for any teen or adult that is a fan of the MLP show. Just in case there’s any Bronies reading this I do not write this to offend but just to educate.
We stumbled upon this information after researching the Internet trying to work out which blind bags had the characters our daughter wanted.
My husband was intrigued and then went on a Brony fact finding mission, which brought up documentaries and countless articles which all had the same underlining thought, WTF!!
I still really didn’t understand so I did some reading myself and after reading this article I had a much better understanding of the fan base. From what I gather they are slightly misunderstood, and I can see why. But if it makes them as happy as my three year old than who cares what we all think!
My husband however went to great lengths while buying the latest series of MLP blind bags to explain to the lady at the checkout why he was buying them, just incase she too had stumbled across a Brony’s  documentary.  So next time you notice that you’re still watching cartoons when the kids have gone to school or having their naps, or you find yourself wanting to know the outcome when they want to watch something else, don’t feel bad just Remember the Brony’s! There proud and love My Little Ponies!