My Crazy Threenager

TyraAround 5 years ago my husband and I were taking a Sunday stroll along the river in Cambridge. It was a beautiful spring day, picturesque.There were people walking their dogs, people out on their bikes, the college boat teams were out on the river, it really was a lovely day and it seemed everyone was making the most of it.
But then out of no where the peaceful ambience was broken with that now all so familiar toddler tantrum sound. My husband and I turned to find a woman and her small son not too far behind us. The boy had a scooter, which seemed to be at the centre of his angry out burst. But not wanting to be nosy or show any concern we continued walking, it was then a few seconds later we heard a big splash. We turned round and could see the mum standing in shock as she told the boy how silly he was for throwing his scooter into the river. At the time my husband and I were also shocked at how calm the mother was and perplexed at how she had seemingly let him get away with his bratty behaviour.
Now fast forward 5 years, and I commend her for keeping her cool in what I can only describe as a highly stressful situation. As now I too have a high maintenance threenager with crazy behavior. It was only before Christmas that I had to leave my shopping and walk out of the supermarket carrying her as she kicked and screamed and I too had an audience, everyone looking at the heavily pregnant lady who can’t control her child. But I have to say that behaviour is a rarity, usually she just doesn’t listen and is way too over excited. I get many comments from strangers that our amused by her confidence and cheekiness and despite her being a girl she is not at all girly. She would never where a dress even when she was 18th months old and it was only the phenomenon of that Disney movie, you know the one! That I credit for her princess interest but still it’s minimal and she has more fun playing with her Ninja Turtles. But with the arrival of her sister I have seen a huge change and it’s hard to believe that this time last year she was still 2. Now I see a little girl and I’m met with a forehead when I ask for a kiss. I went to wake her up the other day and I got told to go away cause she’s still tired.
Her will is stronger than ever now and she’s still crazy but at least now I can reason with her and she understands consequences, which makes punishing her much easier. So now I may not get kisses and cuddles but I get the same question over and over and a question for every answer I give.  However despite how annoying and testing this phase is, I have a feeling I’m gonna miss my crazy threenager just as much as I miss that crazy toddler!