What I really want for Valentine’s day


So the season of love is upon us, another year for us to splash the cash on more trinkets and chocolates that we shouldn’t be consuming.
While the young ones are worrying about where to take their new beau or as they like to say Bae, I like most mummy’s with a new born will be rocking my favourite pygamas and half watching Saturday night tv, unable to relax because I heard the baby fart!
Don’t get me wrong my husband and I celebrate love and romance, hence the new born. But after 17 years together and 4 of them married years another valentines is just a yawn fest. We wouldn’t have made it all that time if we didn’t find ways to express our love the other 364 days of the year. For example, we tend to go out for dinner most weekends, it may include the kids but its our treat and what we love, we tell each other we love eachother everyday and more than once, and we don’t wait for birthdays or holidays to treat eachother to gifts. So in away and as cheesy as it sounds everyday is our Valentines.
So if this Valentine’s is going to be any different than usual I know what I want.
This is my love letter to my husband,
Dear Husband, Please stop pretending to be asleep when the baby cries tonight. I know your unable to feed her but she may need a bum change and if that fails to calm her and you have to wake me to feed her than you have still earned massive brownie points. Also please feel free to take the kids for a walk, I don’t think you’ve spent time with both of the kids on your own without one of them being asleep or in bed! This is all I want for Valentine’s day this year, basically a day off.
P.S. I have a draw full of frozen milk in the fridge so a bottle of wine would go down well too. You never know we might all get what we want for Valentine’s, if you know what I mean.